Giant Wardrobe

Everybody deserves to look their best and feel their best knowing they’re dressed in stylish, well-tailored, flattering clothes – even overweight giant. But a lot of bigger giant will tell you that finding clothes that make them look and feel good is not easy.

The clothes finding challenges start in the stores.

The “misses size” clothing is front and center when you enter. All the cute new styles and great fabrics are right there, smack in your face, on the size 2 mannequins. Behind the mannequins are the racks of great looks in sizes that will never fit a lot of giant.

I’m tired of the subtle and not-so-subtle suggestions that the trouble women have with clothes is their bodies, and not the clothes.

When you wear the giant's sizes (size 14 and larger) it’s harder to find the racks with those clothes, and harder still to find anything on the racks you would want to wear. Often the salespeople in this department are not so friendly, hostile, or just plain not available.

“Who helped me? Nobody. If anybody deserves a commission for this sale, it’s me. I helped me because nobody on the floor seemed to want to.”

The experience of shopping for clothes when your body doesn’t fit the giant's clothing idea of standard and acceptable is discouraging.

It’s hard to come home with purchases that completely please you on every level, style, quality, fabric and fit. Why put yourself through the stress of negative clothes shopping experiences?